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Vaishno devi

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine is one of the oldest shrine of India, located at a height of 5300 feet on the holy Trikuta Hills of the Shivalik Hill Range. The Holy cave is 13 Kms from the Base Camp Katra. The Town Katra is 50 Kms away from Jammu and 35 Kms from District HQ Udhampur and is linked by road. The Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine is one of the most popular Shrines of India.

The Goddess Mata Vaishno Devi's abode is in 100 feet long cave with a narrow opening. The holy cold and crystal clear water washes the lotus feet of the Mata's "Pindian". There are three natural pindies representing Maha Sarswati, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali, which represent creative, preservative, and destructive aspects of the Super Power. It is an ancient shrine whose reference is found in the Vedas and ancient scriptures.

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Tourist Attractions in Vaishno Devi

Temple Of Vaishno Devi

Category : Religious

Temple of Vaishno Devi is the main reason to visit Katra and the number one attraction here. It is one of the famous cave shrines of Goddess Vaishno Devi which is also known as Trikuta Bhagwati. This temnple is located at a height of 5200 feet. In this beautiful sacred shrine the goddess is symbolized in the form of three pindis (rocks).

Shiv Khori Temple

Category : Religious

Lord Shiva is worshipped in many forms. He is conceived in his unborn and invisible form as lingum. The "Shiv-Lingum" symbolizes the power behind the creation. It is believed that at the end of all creation, during the great deluge, all of the different aspects of God find a resting place in the Lingam. It is one of the most venerated cave shrines of Lord Shiva in the region. The Holy cave is more...

Baba Dhansar

Category : Religious

Baba Dhansar is located around 10 kilometers from Katra. This place is renowned for its cool and pleasing atmosphere which makes it one of the amazing picnic spots for travelers. This beautiful tourist destination is located in the middle of the thick grove of trees that brings together a large number of travelers every year from all around the country.As the local belief goes, in the ancient time...

Dera Baba Banda

Category : Religious

Dera Baba Banda is another major Katra attraction which is located just about 30 kilometers from the town.It has a Gurudwara built by Baba Banda Bairaagi on the banks of river Chenab. He was Guru Gobind Singh`s favourite `Saint-soldier`. Pilgrims in great number especially from North India throng this place in the month of April to participate in the three-day annual mela. This place is around 300...