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Mathura widely known as birth place of lord Krishna is located on the western     bank of river Yamuna at latitude 27degree 41 Minute N and 77Degree and 41 Minuet E. It is 145 Km south-east of Delhi and 58 Km north west of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh. For about 3000 Year it was the hub of culture and civilization . Held in sanctity by the Buddhists, Jain and Brahmanical faith alike, it has a long and chequered history. One of the Sapta Mahapuris, it was ruled in turns by the kings of  Solar and Lunar  dynasties and became a center of three Cultures India Indo-Scythian and Hellenstic. For are creation Mathura is the Athens of India. The great school of sculpture known as Mathura school of Art flourished here for 1200 Years. Such proliflic creativety and gushing devotion to novel Art Forms and experi-ment in sculptures and clay figurines as found in this school  are rare in the annals of indian Art History. A survey of this glorious School of Art can be made in the Government Museum, Mathura. The present day Mathura abounds in Place of Religious and Historic Interest, All round the year A large number of Festival and fairs are held in Matura and adjoining areas of Vrindavan Gokul, Brazen and Goverdhan The rascal of Brij is thematically the basis of many performing Arts.

Tourist Attractions in Mathura

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi

Category : Religious

Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi is a religious temple located in the crowded city of Mathura city which is situated on the banks of river.Its predominance over the other holy spots are due to the belief that the temple stands on the same place where lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudev. Numerous articles excavated from the site bare testimony to the legendary story of Sri Krishna’a birth. Th...

Jama Masjid

Category : Religious

Constructed by Nabir -Khan the then Governer of Aurangaseab in the year 1661, Jama Masjid in Mathura gives a spellbound look with it is intricately decorated four minarets. It is amazing to see that the mosaic plastering of these lofty structures still hold it is vibrancy and charm. The structural design and architectural excellence of the holy shrine is incomparable.Situated adjacent to the Janma...

Vishram Ghat

Category : Religious

Mathura city is located on the banks of river Yamuna.  Among all the ghats, Vishram Ghat is the most important.The Vishram Ghat is surrounded with handsome temples such as the Neelkantheshwar Temple,To the north of Vishram Ghat there are 12 ghats namely the Ganesh Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghat with its Neelakantheshwar Temple, Navtirtha or Varahkshetra Ghat, Ghantagharan Ghat, Saraswati Sangam Gha...

Dwarkadheesh Temple

Category : Religious

The temple was constructed in 1814 and is located at a central place in the city of Mathura. It can be visited between 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Krishna.The Dwarkadheesh Temple in Mathura is considered to be one of most visited temples in the city. The architecture of the temple is very interesting with beautiful carvings and paintings. Festivals like Holi, Janm...