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A tiny locale situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli presents the charisma of an unperturbed tourist destination. A gorgeous hill station, Kasauli is renowned for its picture perfect environs and graceful Victorian mansions. This appealing hill resort denotes serenity, embedded in the magnetism of evergreen trees like oaks, willows and firs. Paved boulevards that are lined with stunning oak, chestnut and pine forests, once acted as a sanatorium for the British. Kasauli owes much to the illustrious English for its crowning glory and should be included if you are on your Manali tour package.

The snow clad mountains, dense forests and lush foliage attribute to the unspoiled beauty of this hill station. It is quite amazing that this undulating picnic spot still retains its colonial heritage and charm in its entirety.

Bestowed with dense woody forests, Kasuali is the abode of numerous endangered species of Himalayan fauna. The gurgling torrents, the captivating alpine meadows and towering blizzard enclosed peaks provide an everlasting delight to the tourists.

The most important place in Kasauli is the intersection of Upper and Lower Malls where one can find an array of shops and commercial establishments. These roads are flanked by beautiful trees that tend to seem as green umbrella. A relaxed walk through this imposing greenery is a marvelous experience making Kasauli, a popular picnic spot. This quiet little hill-station is also famed for the Pasteur Institute that manufactures vaccine against Rabies.

Tourist Attractions in Kasauli

monkey point

Category : Nature

The most popular tourist spot in Kasauli, Monkey point is at a distance of 4 km from the city bus stand. Besides offering panoramic views of the plains of Chandigarh and river Sutlej, the point is also famous for a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The peculiar shape of the rock has also earned it the name ‘Tapp’s Nose’. A trip to the monkey point on a clear night enables ...

Christ Church kasauli

Category : Religious

Christ Church is the most imposing monument in the town.Located in the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh, the quiet hill town offers peace and refreshment to the travelers. Reminiscent of the British era, this church was constructed in 1884 and reflects the classical Gothic style of architecture.Long leisurely walks, trekking, mouthwatering dishes from the roadside shacks, colonial cottages and t...

Baba Balak Nath temple

Category : Religious

This is the one of Baba Balak Nath at Gadkhal the most famous pilgrim center in Himachal Pradesh. Dedicated to Baba Balak Nath, an ardent follower of Lord Shiva, this cave temple is located just 3 km from the main road on Graner hill, which is accessible by bus or taxi. Legends believed that if childless couples visits and pray here, they are blessed with children. The first ceremonies of the chil...

Timber Trail

Category : Adventure

The Timber Trail attraction is gaining immense popularity among the tourists these days. Whatever is your reason to visit this postcard perfect part of the world, Timber Trail Heights has all of them.This trail is referred to the valley that lies between the two adjacent hills of the Shivali range, around 20 km from Kasauli. Connected by a cable car, the trail is a popular holiday stopover. The vi...