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Nuzzled in the base of Aravali mountain ranges, Ajmer is a renowned holy spot for both Hindus and Muslims. The great king of the Chauhan dynasty, Ajaipal Chauhan in the year 1100 AD, established this historic city. Ajmer signifies India's true rendezvous with religious convictions, where a saint is revered by all, irrespective of his caste or creed. The secular nature of true India is enlivened in the life and history of this great city.

Bestowed with the natural beauty, Ajmer is flanked by majestic mountains on all sides. Formerly called as Ajaimeru, which is synonymous with 'Invincible Hill', Ajmer reflects all that is virtuous and thrilling about Rajasthan. Once the glorious domicile of the illustrious Prithviraj Chauhan, Ajmer is a miscellany of amusing cultures absorbed from various dynasties like the Mughals, the Scindias, Rajputs and the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate. Founded in the 7th century, Ajmer withstood the mighty Turkish invasions and finally, it fell in the hands of the British. These famous dynasties had contributed much to the historic development of Ajmer in to vibrant city.

A renowned pilgrim center, Ajmer presents a remarkable synthesis of Hindu culture with Sufi traditions. It has played a key role in the history of Rajasthan since it was tactically and politically a vital state in the early times. One can easily reach Ajmer by taking up Delhi tours.

Though not a shoppers delight, Ajmer provides excellent artifacts and Silver Jewellery. Well placed on the shores of a flamboyant watercourse, Ajmer is a retreat in a desolate tract shrouded in comforting greenery. With its magnificent peaks, majestic lakes, elegant Mugal style mansions and historical monuments, Ajmeer offers as a trendy tourist location that displays the celebrated Rajasthan traditions.

Tourist Attractions in Ajmer

Akbar Palace Museum

Category : Historical

Once home to Emperor Akbar, this enchanting compound serves as Government Museum as well.Small but elegant citadel, built by Emperor Akbar, this palace lures the tourists with its invincible structure. Flanked by two parallel dense walls, this was the place where Jahangir met the British ambassador Sir Thomas Roe. Constructed in the year 1570, this palace is considered as one among the mightiest c...

Ropangarh Fort

Category : Historical

A 17th century monument, The Roopangarh Fort was constructed by Maharaja Roop Singh. It has now been successfully changed into a luxurious hotel. The royal ambience and elegance have been skillfully refurbished and it can be experienced from its aesthetically furnished interiors.Astonishingly outsized visitor’s rooms, regal furniture, and open log fires in wintry weather offers much comfort....

Taragarh Fort

Category : Historical

Constructed in AD 1354, Taragarh Fort is an imposing citadel in Bundi city.It has six gates. Now a rickety structure, this fort is situated on Nagpahari hillside. The ruins of the daunting gateways itself is a glittering edifice to the past glory of the fort. Though inaccessible, the most impressive structure of this amazing bastion is the tunnels that interweave through the whole hill.The fort ho...

Ana Sagar lake

Category : Nature

The beauty of Ajmer is known to the travelers very well.A dazzling milestone in the history of Ajmeer, Ana Sagar Lake has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous dynasties. Flanked by some of the most fabulous attractions, this beautiful lake is the innovative outlook of King Anaji. The lake is surrounded by some of the marvelous piece of attractions of the city like the marble pavilions built by ...